Thomas In Winslow Limited (TIW) is a premier crisis management firm based in London. The company provides specialized, tailored services to clients who are operating in challenging and hostile environments. With a focus on delivering mission-critical support, TIW is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of those in need.

One of the key initiatives that TIW is currently involved in is the evacuation of former U.S. contractors and their families from Afghanistan to the Balkans. The company understands the importance of a prompt and efficient evacuation and is committed to supporting these individuals in their time of need.

In addition to our work in Afghanistan, TIW is also establishing operations in Ukraine. The ongoing crisis in the region, which has been precipitated by Russian aggression, has created a need for versatile and reliable support for the Ukrainian government, people, and industries. TIW will play a key role in providing this support, offering a range of solutions and technical assistance to help the Ukrainian people in their resistance.

The advanced team from TIW is already on the ground in Ukraine, ready to begin delivering their services and support. TIW is a company that is dedicated to making a difference in the world, and its commitment to its clients and their causes is unwavering.

Evacuation and Refugees Support

We provide extraction from Hostile Environments and Refugee Protection Services ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and groups who are in danger or at risk in hostile environments, including conflict zones, disaster areas, and other situations that pose a threat to their safety.

This can involve a variety of services, including:

Extraction and evacuation: Removing individuals from a hostile environment and transporting them to a safe location. This can involve the use of various means of transportation, including ground vehicles, helicopters, or boats.

Temporary shelter and housing: We provide safe and secure accommodation for individuals who have been evacuated from a hostile environment. This can include refugee camps, temporary shelters, or other forms of housing that can provide a safe and secure environment for individuals to begin to rebuild their lives.

Medical and psychological support: We provide medical and psychological care to individuals who have been affected by violence, trauma, or other forms of harm in a hostile environment. This can include first aid, trauma counseling, and other forms of support to help individuals recover and heal.

Legal and advocacy support: We provide legal and advocacy support to individuals who are in need of protection, including refugees and asylum seekers. This can include assistance with applying for asylum or refugee status or helping individuals navigate the legal system to ensure that their rights are protected.

Food and livelihood support: We provide food and other basic necessities, as well as support for individuals to rebuild their livelihoods and become self-sufficient. This can include vocational training, microfinance programs, and other forms of support aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their lives and build a brighter future.

Providing extraction from hostile environments and refugee protection services is a complex and challenging process, but it is critical to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals who are at risk in these types of environments. These services can help to provide individuals with the support they need to recover from trauma, rebuild their lives, and regain their independence.